Saturday, March 09, 2013

Bin Laden son-in-law pleads not guilty to terror

Bin Laden son-in-law pleads not guilty to terror (via AFP)

/MBC/AFP/FileAn handout image released by the Saudi-owned television network MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Center) on April 4, 2002, shows Al-Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman Abu Ghaith. Ghaith -- who is also Osama bin Laden's son-in-law -- has pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges, where he was brought…

AFP: Growing calls for US high court to back gay unions

Growing calls for US high court to back gay unions (via AFP)

An unlikely coalition grouping the Obama administration, major corporations, Republican lawmakers and Clint Eastwood has found common cause in urging the US Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage. The nine Supreme Court justices, who rule on some of the most divisive issues in American society, will…

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Student researchers discover building blocks of DNA in cosmic cloud

Student researchers discover building blocks of DNA in cosmic cloud (via Raw Story )

The beginnings of the beginnings of life, the fundamental building blocks of DNA and RNA, have been detected in cosmic clouds near the center of the Milky Way galaxy, student researchers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) announced Thursday. Using the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia…

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Students will have to get jobs feeding sick children to old people

Jon Stewart on the sequester: Students will have to get jobs feeding sick children to old people (via Raw Story )

On his show Monday night, The Daily Show host Jon Stewart observed the United States seemed doomed when it came to looming across-the-board budget cuts known as the sequester. After reviewing a list of federal programs that would be cut, Stewart donned a hazmat suit and in a panic warned, “holy shit…

Colbert endorses drones for the environment: ‘Think locally, bomb globally’

Colbert endorses drones for the environment: ‘Think locally, bomb globally’ (via Raw Story )

In an effort to win over “liberal holdouts” to back the U.S. unmanned drone program, Stephen Colbert appealed to their love of the environment — as shared by former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who allegedly encouraged his followers to use trees to provide cover from the drones. “You hear…

Connecticut grandmother kills self after shooting 6-month-old and 2-year-old kids

Connecticut grandmother kills self after shooting 6-month-old and 2-year-old kids (via Raw Story )

A Connecticut woman with a history of mental illness reportedly killed her two grandchildren and then herself with a .38-caliber handgun on Tuesday. Connecticut State Police said that an Amber Alert had been issued on Tuesday after 47-year-old Debra Denison, who reportedly was “bipolar and has medical…

Scalia: Voting Rights Act is a ‘perpetuation of racial entitlement’

Scalia: Voting Rights Act is a ‘perpetuation of racial entitlement’ (via Raw Story )

Conservative justices on the United State Supreme Court hinted on Wednesday that the 1965 Voting Rights Act (VRA) would soon be ruled unconstitutional. The landmark achievement of the civil rights movement sought to stop discrimination against black voters by barring poll taxes and literacy tests in…

Fox contributor Monica Crowley: ‘Republicans have done nothing but compromise’

Fox contributor Monica Crowley: ‘Republicans have done nothing but compromise’ (via Raw Story )

Fox News Channel contributor Monica Crowley on Wednesday denied that Republicans in Congress were using obstruction as a key strategy against President Barack Obama “President Obama and the Democrats had massive majorities in his first two years, so lets get off the obstructionist point,” she said…

New Hampshire Republican: ‘A lot of people like being in abusive relationships’ (via Raw Story )

A Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire made a startling comment Tuesday during a debate on a bill that would reduce the penalties for simple assault, claiming that “a lot of people like being in abusive relationships.” The remark by state Rep. Mark Warden (R) was caught on tape during a meeting…

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Decline of American Values

The last few weeks have shown the true colors and results of the Tea Party Coup of the Republican Party. From "Legitimate Rape" by Todd Akin to the Tommy Thompson's staffers sending emails suggesting attacks on Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin's sexuality will win them the race, to Sen. Scott Brown's staffers display of pure racism against Elizabeth Warren; all we're seeing is Racism, Race-Baiting, Homophobia, and a pure disdain for the poor that the Republicans created on purpose so they could make President Obama look bad.
And now I'm hopping mad.

I have a co-worker who adheres to Tea Party views. While that is of course his right, it is awfully ironic. He has a daughter who is Autistic and receives nearly $700 a month in assistance from the government because of it. He receives Federal Tax Refunds that exceed the amount he pays in throughout the year through payroll deductions. This makes him a part of the 47% that Mitt Romney clearly dismissed and has intense disdain for. Yet this friend of mine cannot stand Obama and is going to cast his vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. He also hates Obamacare, but actually already benefits from it. He is, essentially, voting completely against what would be best for him and his family. Under Myth and Lyin', he'd LOSE the money his family receives for his daughter's autism. This would put him even further below the poverty line. Before he received this money for his daughter, he didn't have water for nearly a year because he could not afford to replace the well. So why would he vote for Romney/Ryan? It makes NO sense to me. There is something deeper and darker going on in America that would cause a man like this with struggles like he has vote for someone who will, in no uncertain terms, make his life more difficult. Unfortunately, I believe I know why now.
Misinformation. Low Information. And, sadly, Racism.

This is deeply disturbing. Depressing. A loss of hope.

I voted for Obama. I do NOT get all my payroll tax deductions returned to me, simply because I am not married. It sure the hell isn't because I make a lot. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seymour Hersh Sees More Truth

Seymour Hersh discusses the takeover of the American Government. has the story here.
The takeover began decades ago, and is still underway.
Get informed. Get ready. Get involved.

Friday, August 14, 2009

8 common myths about health insurance reform

1. Reform will stop "rationing" - not increase it: It’s a myth that reform will mean a "government takeover" of health care or lead to "rationing." To the contrary, reform will forbid many forms of rationing that are currently being used by insurance companies.

2. We can’t afford reform: It's the status quo we can't afford. It’s a myth that reform will bust the budget. To the contrary, the President has identified ways to pay for the vast majority of the up-front costs by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse within existing government health programs; ending big subsidies to insurance companies; and increasing efficiency with such steps as coordinating care and streamlining paperwork. In the long term, reform can help bring down costs that will otherwise lead to a fiscal crisis.

3. Reform would encourage "euthanasia": It does not. It’s a malicious myth that reform would encourage or even require euthanasia for seniors. For seniors who want to consult with their family and physicians about end-of life decisions, reform will help to cover these voluntary, private consultations for those who want help with these personal and difficult family decisions.

4. Vets' health care is safe and sound: It’s a myth that health insurance reform will affect veterans' access to the care they get now. To the contrary, the President's budget significantly expands coverage under the VA, extending care to 500,000 more veterans who were previously excluded. The VA Healthcare system will continue to be available for all eligible veterans.

5. Reform will benefit small business - not burden it: It’s a myth that health insurance reform will hurt small businesses. To the contrary, reform will ease the burdens on small businesses, provide tax credits to help them pay for employee coverage and help level the playing field with big firms who pay much less to cover their employees on average.

6. Your Medicare is safe, and stronger with reform: It’s myth that Health Insurance Reform would be financed by cutting Medicare benefits. To the contrary, reform will improve the long-term financial health of Medicare, ensure better coordination, eliminate waste and unnecessary subsidies to insurance companies, and help to close the Medicare "doughnut" hole to make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors.

7. You can keep your own insurance: It’s myth that reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors. To the contrary, reform will expand your choices, not eliminate them.

8. No, government will not do anything with your bank account: It is an absurd myth that government will be in charge of your bank accounts. Health insurance reform will simplify administration, making it easier and more convenient for you to pay bills in a method that you choose. Just like paying a phone bill or a utility bill, you can pay by traditional check, or by a direct electronic payment. And forms will be standardized so they will be easier to understand. The choice is up to you – and the same rules of privacy will apply as they do for all other electronic payments that people make.

Learn more and get details:

The information above is from the White House. My personal research into this shows that every claim above is correct, all of the myths are just that, myths.

The wilder the claims from the lobbying groups, the better the Reform will probably be. Please use the Retweet button below to share the word on Twitter.


I look forward to interacting with you on Twitter.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cloaking & Protecting Your Affiliate Marketing

So you have finally stepped into the world of making money online. You too, like the others, have decided to start with the affiliate programs. Also, you must have heard that it’s not a big deal to make good money with affiliate marketing, provided you choose the right programs and do some strategic planning while promoting your affiliate products. So far so good.

Whether you are promoting other people’s products or promoting your own products – that doesn’t matter because after all it is nothing but your own business and your means to earn good money. So whichever be your case, I am sure you would not want to leave money on the table and invite others to steal your share of profit.

Even though the industry of affiliate marketing is pretty competitive but if you are cautious and are strategic in your marketing techniques then, it could be very profitable for you.

Take a close look at the industry, you will see that not every one who gets into affiliate marketing is successful. People who are doing well leave no room for failure and take all security measures and understand its importance.

Yes! Security is one of the key factors in affiliate marketing. If you do not adopt proper security measures, then your business will be at high risk. One of the most important way to restore security is to protect your affiliate links. Do not take them for granted. A bit of carelessness on your part in regards to affiliate links may cost you a lot of dollars.

Do you know the long complicated links that you send to your prospective customers not only look convoluted but they can create a lot of problems too! If you send such an affiliate link to your customers, then the smart ones will definitely figure out that you are promoting someone else’s product and they would rather visit the parent company. Also, if your link does not function then your customers have to type a really long URL into the browser, which will definitely put him or her off.

You could be a victim of even a worse situation. What if some devious Internet pirates steal your affiliate links and replace them with theirs. If they do that, then you get no commission at all.

Did I scare you off with all of the above possibilities? Well, that certainly wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to open your eyes and state facts that actually happen in the world of Internet. It happened with me until I came across ViralURL , that brought a revolution to my online ventures.

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Do I hear you asking, what is it and how can it help in averting any adverse situation for an affiliate marketer like me?
Be patient and read on, if you love your business.

ViralURL is a link cloaker that protects you in the truest sense. There may be many unethical people lurking around, who might play with your affiliate links by cutting them off or replacing them with their own etc. How much effort you put in towards building your business and advertising your business, if your links are tampered with, then all your hard work will be rendered useless.

In order to avoid such a rip off, ViralURL gives you full protection and sees to it that your affiliate links never get exposed to others.

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Is ViralURL limited to only link protection?


It does much much more than that. Let’s see what ViralURL can do for us:

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