Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Terri Schiavo

You know, I was really thinking I would avoid this subject altogether. Until I noticed that CNN (the only news channel I really see anymore, blaring away in the lobby at work) keeps throwing the case in my face. And people around my place of business are starting to talk about it, with varying opinions (most of which I disagree with). And now it's getting on my nerves. And that's a "don't want."

So here's what I have to say about the Schiavo case:

I believe that Terri did in fact express her wishes to her husband. I've seen it happen a lot. We see a news story, turn to our friend, family member, or partner and say "If that ever happens to me, I don't want to be kept alive (artificially)." And so it is. A wish expressed, an opinion disseminated. If the wish was strong enough, stated well enough, before the mass consciousness of Power of Health Care Attorney and Living Will forms came along (a lot of it as a result of this case); many didn't know that there were ways to memorialize their wishes. I believe this to be the case with the Schiavos. Therefore, the feeding tube should've been removed. I would've went one step further (note to self for my living will), and stated "If I should become in a vegitative state, and only a feeding tube could sustain me, the feeding tube is to be removed, and to aleviate pain, I am to be placed on a morphine drip, realizing that may hasten the moment of my death."

My heart does go out to the family. This has got to be hard for them. But the arguing, bickering, and ESPECIALLY getting the Federal Government involved in a State's Rights case (which REALLY bakes my noodle) is not serving the family, and certainly not serving Terri Schiavo. Terri will ultimately choose whether she lives or dies. I beleive this because I beleive we create our entire reality. We have the choice. If she chooses to live, a court will say "reinsert." If she chooses what may be the crack of least resistance, the tube will not be reinserted, and she will pass peacefully.

The ramifications on the political side of this matter will not be known for some time. But the U.S. Congress and the Executive Branch overstepped (once again, should be getting used to it now) their Constitutional Bounds, and reached into, and violated, the rights of the State of Florida and the rights of The Schiavo/Schindler family. It IS as simple as that. What will be next?

To prevent the "what next," I hope every American, regardless of age or state of health, gets moving and gets a Living Will/Healthcare Power of Attorney paperwork done NOW. Or you or I may be the next one the U.S. Congress tries to "save," to look good to their far right constituents. Enough is enough. Tom DeLay: I don't want or need your "help."

And that's my opinion.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Truth is Out There, but what is "The Truth"?

What is truth? I like this section of the definition best: A statement proven to be or accepted as true. And therein lies the key..."or accepted." For the truth to be true, it doesn't necessarily have to be proven to be so...just so long as it is accepted. So my question is this:

What do you accept as truth that isn't actually true for others?

I've learned that this acceptance of something as true can lead to patterns of scarcity. This can prevent our Journey of Abundance. If you have limiting beliefs (i.e. Truths) that you don't have enough money, aren't good enough, etc., then I encourage you to take a look at the free (and not so free) resources made available by Teresa Romain on her website, Access Abundance.

On Saturday, April 2nd, I'll be attending a 4 hour seminar hosted by Teresa here in Madison, WI. If you'll be in the area, contact me for details. It's a deal, and I think she's charging way too little (but would that be a scarcity pattern judgment on my part? Show up and find out). I'd pay much, much more...but I won't because that's not what she's charging.


Daniel L. Dashnier

Friday, March 11, 2005

New Format!

Welcome to the new format for The Truth is Out There. I hope you'll find this a bit easier to read, and that you'll come back often, visit my Powerful Intentions page, visit my "regular blog" and my "Intentions blog," and that you'll take the time to learn a bit more about me, and share your own stories. This blog will be undergoing more changes as I create the time and creativity to bring about this change. A new format is just the beginning...

Let the journey begin...

~Daniel L. Dashnier