Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Green is not for Wisconsin's best interests...

Mark Green (R-WI) is not right for the position of governor of our great progressive state. Green is a Bush lap-dog and nothing more. Mark Green, your application for governor is not accepted.

The State Elections Board ordered that Mark Green return $468,000.00 in donations from PACs that are not registered in the state of Wisconsin. Green refused. This week, a Dane County judge ordered that Green's campaign return the money. Green still refuses. Sounds like something a Bush Republican would do. Mark Green is way out of touch with Wisconsin's values. Wisconsin doesn't want a Busher running the state. We don't want your dirty PAC money, either. Green can't even get real citizens of this great state to be in his ads. Now that's pathetic.

Green has voted alongside Bush's wishes 92% of his time in Congress. Since only about 40% of Americans actually agree with George Bush, Green seems to be on the wrong side of nearly every issue that should be important to the Wisconsin voter. Wisconsin is the world leader in stem cell research, which Mark Green opposes at the wish of the Far Right Christian Conservatives who seem to be unable to vote for their own best interests. Wisconsin workers need a higher minimum wage, which Mark Green was against...7 times.

I, even as a liberal, may not be all that excited about Gov. Doyle's performance over the last 4 years, cannot even fathom that the Republicans would put up such a freak show candidate on their side. If they would've come up with a who actually cares about what happens in the state of Wisconsin, one who stands up for the state's best interests and that of its citizens, the Republicans would've had a fighting chance here. Although it appears they're relatively close in the polls, unless there is far right interference in the actual election itself, I don't think Green has a chance in hell here. And that is music to my ears.

I respect those who's views differ with my own, but when they border on insanity or dictatorship supportive views, then there's just no room in my heart for them. Nobody should "have to" sacrifice freedom for safety. No soldier should have to buy their own armor in Iraq. And no Wisconsin Guardsman should have to go back to Iraq more than one tour. That's what our regular military is for. And no Wisconsin veteran should have to stare down the cut in funding for the Veteran's Administration. Not one of them.

Mark Green, you're on the wrong side of the issues that are dear to Wisconsin's present and future. You are wrong for Wisconsin. You are wrong for keeping the $468,000. You are wrong, apparently 92% of the time.

Doyle will win, so this is just an exercise in expressing my views.