Friday, January 28, 2005

Hypnosis and Abundance

Anyone out there had experiences with Hypnosis Therapy?

If you have, please join in the conversation by posting a comment. I'd LOVE to hear from others who have had experiences in the Hypnosis arena.

Last night, I received a copy of a "Hypnotic Journey" set of CD's for a Financial Abundance course by Wendi Friesen, CHT. I've done my first Hypnotic Journey just last night, and I feel wonderful today. Energetic, full of new-found focus and sharpness, and an overall sense of well-being. All from one journey where I chose the thing I wanted to "be" or "have" before I started the journey. This isn't officially part of the Financial Abundance Course she offers, but I'm excited to get into it.

I'm not sure I believe that any single person is "the best" hypnotist, but I'm not sure I found one who is so sharing and caring, and in tune with who they are and what they are doing for others. Since hypnosis is really just that wonderful state between awake and asleep, there's no harm that can be done (our brains and "higher selves" are smarter then that), and we'll never do anything in hypnosis that we wouldn't normally do (the trick is that we might not know we actually want to DO this or that!) ;-)

It's just another way to connect and truly experience the reality that we do indeed create what we focus on the most, and we just don't understand why our dominant intention is focusing on something we don't want, and of course it shows up!

Looking forward to hearing your hypno-therapy stories...



The Iraqi Vote is quickly approaching. Share your thoughts, stories, etc. through this extra long text link...

As always, I appreciate your participation!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Replace Rumsfeld

Yes, it's time for him to go. Long overdue, in fact. I appreciate our troops and their families. Therefore, they deserve nothing less than our full support. And part of that full support is accountability. Our Secratary of Defense has none, as has been shown time and time again. So join me in signing this letter to President Bush demanding that he remove Rumsfeld from his post. Our military can't afford four more years of shifty leadership. They deserve better.

Dear Friend,

We must stop rewarding incompetence, start demanding accountability, and for the sake of the troops in Iraq, we must replace Donald Rumsfeld. Please join me in signing the following letter to President Bush on

Replace Rumsfeld

Mr. President,
I was surprised and disappointed that you told the Washington Post last week that no Bush administration official should be held accountable for our failures in Iraq. As the situation worsens and more American lives are lost and troops deployed to the region, it's time to stop rewarding incompetence and to start demanding accountability. For the sake of our men and women in uniform and their families here at home, I urge you to start by replacing Donald Rumsfeld. His record of failure and his inability to play it straight with the American people and our troops overseas make him unfit to serve as Secretary of Defense for one more day, never mind four more years.

If you care about restoring our credibility around the world and our credibility with our troops on the ground in Iraq, you've got to start by removing Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense. That's why I am joining Senator John Kerry and hundreds of thousands of Americans in adding my name to the petition calling for Rumsfeld's immediate removal from office.

I urge you to act without delay. We can't afford any more auto-penned letters of condolences and shifting stories about what kind of armor we have to protect our troops.

American soliders and their families are counting on you as Commander in Chief to hold those in charge of the war in Iraq to the highest standards.

Replace Rumsfeld

Thank you.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

A Great Man Has Gone Home to God

This past Wednesday, Heaven rejoiced in celebration of Pastor Brad Smith of Madison, WI coming home to God. In honor of Pastor Brad's memory, Door Creek Church has created a blog for memories of Brad Smith and condolences to his family. So today, I refer all to the Door Creek Church Blog for celebration of a life that touched so many hearts, including mine, in so many ways. His gift will not soon be forgotten.

Thank you, Pastor Brad.


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Comments encouraged

I encourage people to comment at my blog -- especially those who disagree with me. I think that debate is fun, and can be educational. After all, I'm not always right, and if I'm open-minded enough to listen to dissenting opinions, I might learn something.

However, that doesn't mean that name-calling, slurs, and juvenile comments are acceptable. If you disagree with me or others that comment about something, don't focus on the other person; instead, state what it is about their comments that you disagree with! Just as importantly, state why you disagree with what they are saying. Do you have a logical reason, or evidence to back up what you are saying?

DON'T call the other party names, or say things like "That's what all Liberals think" or "You're not as smart as you think you are" or "All Republicans are jerks". Focusing on the other person instead of the debate is what's known as an ad hominem argument.

You might want to read this short article about logical fallacies in arguments, and this short article about logical arguments.

Lastly, it probably goes without saying that spam will be deleted immediately.Thanks for visiting. Click here to go back to the main page.

Thanks to Martian for allowing me to use the above text.

Monday, January 10, 2005

That Which You Be

This was too good of a quote to not make a blog entry about it!

"You cannot be joyful without spreading your joy. You cannot be sad without spreading your sadness. You cannot be well without spreading your wellness. You cannot be sick without spreading your sickness. You cannot be poor without spreading your poverty. You cannot be prosperous without spreading your prosperity. Whatever you be, you exude to the ends of the Universe. The entire Universe benefits by that which you be."

Expressed by Abraham-Hicks

Oshkosh Representative Underheim Cheats Voters of Representation

From the Wisconsin Democratic Party:

Oshkosh Northwestern

Editorial: Underheim must put voters ahead of his DPI dreams

Last year, Robert Welch kept his political honor intact by letting his state Senate term expire while making a bid for the more prestigious U.S. Senate.
The same cannot be said of our state Rep. Gregg Underheim. Last week, Underheim filed to run for state superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction. Rather than sit out the November election that returned him to office, or resign now, he will plan to stay in office and run for DPI. His decision will effectively cheat Oshkosh voters of representation.
A new legislative session started last week, making this a real slap in the face for voters. If Underheim wants to keep his honor intact, he will excuse himself from this talk of a bid for the DPI's top spot.
How quickly the man appears to have forgotten that his was a coveted seat.
Three other candidates wanted to represent District 54. They paid the price to "bid" for our "contract," spending hundreds of hours and dollars for the honor of representing the district.
If Underheim truly didn't want to be in office, he should have not run in November. Or, after winning, he should live with the results, give us representation for two years and let voters solve his career indecision in the next election. Now, if he wins the DPI seat after a Feb. 15 primary and April 5 election, Gov. Jim Doyle will have to declare an election to fill the seat.
There is more here than Underheim waking up with a new idea after the November elections. Ultra-conservatives in the Republican party asked the moderate Republican to politicize the non-partisan superintendent race.
It must have appealed because he has done that.
Underheim talked this past week about his priority of leading a discussion on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights in the race. Education quality wasn't the priority.
Republicans with Underheim as the pit bull want to make life as difficult as possible for Elizabeth Burmaster, the present superintendent. That's one goal. It will please Republican party bosses in Madison to no end.
And, anyone who has doubts about Wisconsin as a political machine to be used for the convenience of ultra-conservative Republicans shouldn't have them now.
Oshkosh voters lose in a big way. The city needs a legislator to bring jobs here, preserve others from leaving, reform health care problems and work with community leaders. Instead, the city's representative will be diverted. Oshkosh will lack a legislator who gives 100 percent of his attention.
Underheim was elected to represent the people of Oshkosh in the Wisconsin Assembly through the end of the year 2006. He has a contract with the voters. He should honor it, because that's the issue here.
Underheim should do what is right, not expedient. He should resign from the race for state superintendent of DPI. His honor depends on him getting back to representing the people of Oshkosh -- and putting his dreams to use for the people who elected him.
The Final Thought: State Rep. Gregg Underheim should resign from the race for state superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction.
Contribute to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin online - visit

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What's in your wallet?

Capital One has been sued by the Minnesota AG, and in my opinion, rightfully so. Enough of defective and deceptive credit card commercials. Get any credit card, and those neandrathals from the CO commercials will be chasing you. Maybe it was fitting to choose the Vikings as being representative of Interest Rates, because I think they're actually protraying a mirror image of themselves as bait and switch interest rate liars. And enough of the stupid "No" commercials while were at it. David Spade never has been funny. Snore.


Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Way to Financial Freedom in 2005

Yesterday was the launch of the new compensation plan for a company I've been involved with for several years now. What they've done is create a way for every person who is willing to try something new, put in a few hours per week (as much as they want), and who has the drive to succeed, to have the financial freedom they desire and deserve. The SFI Marketing Group is the place, and becoming an affiliate with us is the way.

Today the new placement was revealed, and it was like having Second Christmas. I'm on my way in 2005. Make sure you check it out if you're so inclined, and want to have a taste of freedom in '05. You can also check out our all natural cleaning products on the right, one of the hundreds of products that can be marketed, used, and sold.


Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year Entry

Here's a Happy New Year entry at my Powerful Intentions Blog. Read it and enjoy!! Deliberately create your New Year of Prosperity.

Creating 2005 With Powerful Intentions Part II

Creating 2005 with Powerful Intentions, the 2nd part...

The New Year has finally arrived. In many places, it was a somber celebration in honor of those lost in the Tsunami of December 26th, 2004. In deed, I also lit a candle in honor of those lost, missing, and those still alive and desperate for aid.

However, that being said, the beginning of 2005 is also a time to prepare for the year ahead. 2005 can be what you make it to be, indeed, it will be what you make it to be. The question is, will you create it consciously, or just let your judgments and beliefs that no longer serve you chart the course for 2005 and beyond? I know that I have non-deliberately created many years on this planet. I've allowed my life to be ruled by the subconscious beliefs, judgments and actions that do not serve me. Why? It's just the way we're wired, but it doesn't have to be the way things are.

In 2004, I've learned to respect others for their beliefs, whether I may agree or not. And when I don't agree, I've started to ask myself some questions...
Why don't I agree? What is it about me that makes me behave in such a manner towards another's beliefs?
Once I find the answer to those questions, I can then better work with myself to find the judgment, what may have caused that judgment to exist, and move forward to drop my judgments and simply say "They are now here." and "I am now here." No matter what religious beliefs one may have, I haven't found one yet that says "judge those you do not agree with." It's never been up to us to pass judgment, and to this day I still cannot understand what's so hard to get that we continue to judge. Constantly. We see a bumper sticker. Judge. We see behavior. Judge. We overhear a conversation. Judge. And the most common of all...we look at someone. Judge.

My intentions for 2005 are simple, and brought about by an enlightening e-mail I received from Linda Miller, a person I've gotten to learn a bit about at Powerful Intentions. My intentions are a derivitive of hers, and for more about Linda, visit her Spiritual Entrepreneur Forum. It's an enlightening place.

Intentions for Two Thousand and Five

1. I intend to set my Intentions.
2. I intend to learn about Segment Intending, and then intend to use Segment Intending to deliberately create each segment of my day.
3. I intend to easily and effortlessly maintain clarity about my activities and my beliefs and to eliminate those activities and beliefs that no longer serve me.
4. I intend to continue to set my Intentions throughout 2005.
5. I intend to attract to me those people for whom I may offer a resource that will assist them to understand and know that all is truly in perfect and divine order.
6. I intend to attract to me only business partners who are excited about the products and services that I offer, who are serious about creating wealth and prosperity, and who are ready to get started.

These Powerful Intentions will serve me to create the 2005 I desire. You can read Daniel's Blog at Powerful Intentions to get continuous updates on Intention Setting, and use my experiences as a tool to create your own experiences in 2005 and beyond. I'll always be open to feedback and comments on Daniel's Powerful Intentions and my blog entries.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year.

It's what you desire and create it to be.

How freeing is that?

Daniel Dashnier

P.S. We've started a powerful new plan in one of my favorite programs to start 2005 off right, and manifest the money we desire. Come check it out today, and start learning to create a 2005 full of freedom, ease, and money!