Friday, January 28, 2005

Hypnosis and Abundance

Anyone out there had experiences with Hypnosis Therapy?

If you have, please join in the conversation by posting a comment. I'd LOVE to hear from others who have had experiences in the Hypnosis arena.

Last night, I received a copy of a "Hypnotic Journey" set of CD's for a Financial Abundance course by Wendi Friesen, CHT. I've done my first Hypnotic Journey just last night, and I feel wonderful today. Energetic, full of new-found focus and sharpness, and an overall sense of well-being. All from one journey where I chose the thing I wanted to "be" or "have" before I started the journey. This isn't officially part of the Financial Abundance Course she offers, but I'm excited to get into it.

I'm not sure I believe that any single person is "the best" hypnotist, but I'm not sure I found one who is so sharing and caring, and in tune with who they are and what they are doing for others. Since hypnosis is really just that wonderful state between awake and asleep, there's no harm that can be done (our brains and "higher selves" are smarter then that), and we'll never do anything in hypnosis that we wouldn't normally do (the trick is that we might not know we actually want to DO this or that!) ;-)

It's just another way to connect and truly experience the reality that we do indeed create what we focus on the most, and we just don't understand why our dominant intention is focusing on something we don't want, and of course it shows up!

Looking forward to hearing your hypno-therapy stories...


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