Friday, December 09, 2005

Merry Chanukwanzamas.

Why are the holidays, the time when “miracles” should be happening (you know, angels get their wings when a bell rings, 34th Street, etc.), the time that I begin to really think this world is filled with a bunch of frickin’ assholes?

First, there’s all the people having a hissy fit over whether the tree in the capitol here in Madison, WI should be called the “Holiday Tree” or the “Christmas Tree.” Well, it’s officially a Holiday Tree. Deal with it. I will call it a Christmas tree if I want. I’ve never seen a Thanksgiving tree, a New Year’s tree, or even a Easter Tree (well, I guess I have, but it certainly wasn’t decorated except by nails). So, it is, and always will be, a Christmas tree to me. And I’ll call it that if I want. So the PC got their “holiday wish”. No Christmas tree in the state capital. Whoop-de-frickin’-do. How about holding the government accountable so that more troops could be home for the “holidays” instead of off creating an Islamic Republic sanctioned by the United States?

Second, there’s the Jesus Freaks. Yes, I’m calling them what they really are. Freaks because they think that they are the only ones that are right in the world, and they know how the rest of us should run our lives. Funny, as a Christian, I had always thought that was God’s job. Not ours. We’re created in His likeness. We’re not Him. Stop acting like it. Just this week someone defaced a sign where I work because it said “Holiday Tree” on a flyer that raises money for various charities in the community. They crossed out “holiday” and wrote in “Christmas”. The response was to replace the sign and hang a sign above it: “Please do not deface these signs. WPS recognizes all holidays.” There, enough said, so back off. Because whomever did that would be just as pissed if someone crossed out “holiday” and wrote in Ramadan. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanza.

Yes, I am angry. So I’m getting it out of my system. Here and now. Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate it, I don’t care. Happy Hanukkah. If you don’t celebrate it, I don’t care. Happy Holidays. And Happy New Year. And if you don’t like the holidays at all, I don’t care. It really is just another day on the calendar. Because if people can’t agree on anything at THIS time of year except on who has the best early bird Saturday sale at the mall, then we’re all screwed, and we might as well just say “no more holidays.” And then we’ll take away Valentine’s Day (Saint Valentine! Yes, a religious holiday). Easter. Saint Patrick’s Day. Thanksgiving (who are we giving thanks to?). Might as well get rid of Memorial Day, too. Someone might be offended and think we honor war, not the war dead. And, probably the 4th of July as well. After all, it is the birthday of a nation that was founded on Christian principles. Oh, and the money! It’s got to go. “In God We Trust” is apparently offensive to some. To me, it’s a bald faced lie. This administration does not trust God. Only money. Power. Greed. Control.

So Merry Christmas-Hanukkah-Ramadan-Kwanza-New Year. Unless you’re Chinese or Jewish. Then I think I have to wish you Happy New Year on a different day if I remember correctly.

Happy Holidays. Get in the spirit. Make a change. Celebrate life. Quit the whining for just a few days. Please. Just smile. And put that dollar or loose change in that red bucket next to the poor volunteer freezing his “special place” off ringing that bell.

We could all use a little Salvation right now.