Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Decline of American Values

The last few weeks have shown the true colors and results of the Tea Party Coup of the Republican Party. From "Legitimate Rape" by Todd Akin to the Tommy Thompson's staffers sending emails suggesting attacks on Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin's sexuality will win them the race, to Sen. Scott Brown's staffers display of pure racism against Elizabeth Warren; all we're seeing is Racism, Race-Baiting, Homophobia, and a pure disdain for the poor that the Republicans created on purpose so they could make President Obama look bad.
And now I'm hopping mad.

I have a co-worker who adheres to Tea Party views. While that is of course his right, it is awfully ironic. He has a daughter who is Autistic and receives nearly $700 a month in assistance from the government because of it. He receives Federal Tax Refunds that exceed the amount he pays in throughout the year through payroll deductions. This makes him a part of the 47% that Mitt Romney clearly dismissed and has intense disdain for. Yet this friend of mine cannot stand Obama and is going to cast his vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. He also hates Obamacare, but actually already benefits from it. He is, essentially, voting completely against what would be best for him and his family. Under Myth and Lyin', he'd LOSE the money his family receives for his daughter's autism. This would put him even further below the poverty line. Before he received this money for his daughter, he didn't have water for nearly a year because he could not afford to replace the well. So why would he vote for Romney/Ryan? It makes NO sense to me. There is something deeper and darker going on in America that would cause a man like this with struggles like he has vote for someone who will, in no uncertain terms, make his life more difficult. Unfortunately, I believe I know why now.
Misinformation. Low Information. And, sadly, Racism.

This is deeply disturbing. Depressing. A loss of hope.

I voted for Obama. I do NOT get all my payroll tax deductions returned to me, simply because I am not married. It sure the hell isn't because I make a lot.