Friday, July 31, 2009

A Message on Health Care

I'm finally getting pissed about health care reform. Here's a personal message on health care...

There's so much bullshit flying around the Internet about the health care bill it isn't even funny. Now this is not just Liberal-Dan speaking. Most of the stuff I have read actually looks familiar. And that's why I'm starting to get really pissed when people talk about it and take it as truth (the rumors about what is in the health care bills). The reason is most of it is VERY similar to what TRICARE is. I've spent nearly five years with TRICARE now, and I know A LOT about the insurance (actually, technically, it is a "government benefit" and not an insurance plan), and how it works, what is covered, what is not, and how things get paid. It is BY FAR easier than getting things pain from a regular health insurance plan. So many of these people still have a work insurance or a supplemental to Medicare, and they don't pay SHIT. Nothing. All is copay or deductible, and then they won't pay because it isn't covered (yet Medicare covers it). And they're PAYING for it!!!! TRICARE is free (for the ones on Medicare), and we pay the balance more often than not. Nobody stands in the way. No bureaucrat, no forms to delay paying or deny coverage. And the "panel" (as mentioned in the health care bill, that people are claiming is a bunch of people deciding your care if you're on the public option) is exactly what insurance companies already have. the TRICARE "panel" is actually military doctors (since it is a military thing) that decide what should and should not be covered, based on whether it is experimental, proven effective, or might be a waste of health care dollars because the test/procedure shows no benefit. In an insurance company (like plans I've had), when it comes to private insurance, it is NOT a panel of doctors but a panel of executives...some of who are doctors. And believe me, they look at profits first, then effectiveness of a medical test or procedure. In essence, since anyone who is happy with their current insurance will get to keep it and will not be forced to take the public plan, why not let the 47 million who cannot get insurance be able to get it? Why make them suffer because people are paranoid? And for those claiming "yeah, but they haven't read all 1,017 pages"....there were only two people (if I am recalling correctly) that actually admitted to reading the entire Patriot Act before voting. So hello kettles and pots. Lets stop making people suffer and go without, stop scaring them, and give them what they need. CARE. Its as basic as "the right to bear arms" and "freedom of speech" (we do still have that one, right?). It is a part of The Commons.

And for those that want to claim socialism and how bad it is...this message is for you: Stop using the police, fire department, and ambulance services. Stop using the roads and don't bother with traffic lights. No freeways for you. No tollways, either. Stay away from the parks, get off the bike trails. Because those are all socialist programs. We all pay for the privilege, and for those who can't pay these things are 100% free. And that's (GASP!) Socialism.