Saturday, January 01, 2005

Creating 2005 With Powerful Intentions Part II

Creating 2005 with Powerful Intentions, the 2nd part...

The New Year has finally arrived. In many places, it was a somber celebration in honor of those lost in the Tsunami of December 26th, 2004. In deed, I also lit a candle in honor of those lost, missing, and those still alive and desperate for aid.

However, that being said, the beginning of 2005 is also a time to prepare for the year ahead. 2005 can be what you make it to be, indeed, it will be what you make it to be. The question is, will you create it consciously, or just let your judgments and beliefs that no longer serve you chart the course for 2005 and beyond? I know that I have non-deliberately created many years on this planet. I've allowed my life to be ruled by the subconscious beliefs, judgments and actions that do not serve me. Why? It's just the way we're wired, but it doesn't have to be the way things are.

In 2004, I've learned to respect others for their beliefs, whether I may agree or not. And when I don't agree, I've started to ask myself some questions...
Why don't I agree? What is it about me that makes me behave in such a manner towards another's beliefs?
Once I find the answer to those questions, I can then better work with myself to find the judgment, what may have caused that judgment to exist, and move forward to drop my judgments and simply say "They are now here." and "I am now here." No matter what religious beliefs one may have, I haven't found one yet that says "judge those you do not agree with." It's never been up to us to pass judgment, and to this day I still cannot understand what's so hard to get that we continue to judge. Constantly. We see a bumper sticker. Judge. We see behavior. Judge. We overhear a conversation. Judge. And the most common of all...we look at someone. Judge.

My intentions for 2005 are simple, and brought about by an enlightening e-mail I received from Linda Miller, a person I've gotten to learn a bit about at Powerful Intentions. My intentions are a derivitive of hers, and for more about Linda, visit her Spiritual Entrepreneur Forum. It's an enlightening place.

Intentions for Two Thousand and Five

1. I intend to set my Intentions.
2. I intend to learn about Segment Intending, and then intend to use Segment Intending to deliberately create each segment of my day.
3. I intend to easily and effortlessly maintain clarity about my activities and my beliefs and to eliminate those activities and beliefs that no longer serve me.
4. I intend to continue to set my Intentions throughout 2005.
5. I intend to attract to me those people for whom I may offer a resource that will assist them to understand and know that all is truly in perfect and divine order.
6. I intend to attract to me only business partners who are excited about the products and services that I offer, who are serious about creating wealth and prosperity, and who are ready to get started.

These Powerful Intentions will serve me to create the 2005 I desire. You can read Daniel's Blog at Powerful Intentions to get continuous updates on Intention Setting, and use my experiences as a tool to create your own experiences in 2005 and beyond. I'll always be open to feedback and comments on Daniel's Powerful Intentions and my blog entries.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year.

It's what you desire and create it to be.

How freeing is that?

Daniel Dashnier

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