Monday, February 12, 2007

Star Witness?

Well, it looks like Cheney is going to have to testify in the Libby perjury case. So what could happen if Cheney says something under oath that defies the public record? We know that Fitzgerald will probably be ready to pounce on any inconsistencies. My true question is this: Fitzgerald interviewed Cheney during the CIA Leak Case, and Cheney was not required to be under oath. However, if he says anything under oath that contradicts what he stated in the interview, is that obstruction of justice? I’ve heard “mixed reviews” on this. That yes, it could be, and it is a felony. That Fitzgerald probably wouldn’t pursue it if it happened. Or would he?

And of course, the question above all else is this: if that does indeed happen, and Fitzgerald releases the interview with Cheney, will Congress be able to begin an investigation into Cheney, since the potential for a felony would squarely fall into a “high crime?”

If nothing else, any inconsistency, or the truth itself, could severely damage the White House beyond how damaged it already is. As things continue to deteriorate in Iraq, I believe that when Americans here even more about the false intelligence that led us into the war, their tolerance levels will plummet even further than they have. I think the nation is heading towards a fork in the road, and we, as Americans, have to now decide the course. We took the first steps in November. Now we must hold Congress accountable to us to do the right thing. And that right thing is a thorough, tough look at all that led us into Iraq in the first place, and to take steps to mitigate the damage to our military, our image, and most of all…to support our troops by NOT putting them needlessly in harm’s way.

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