Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Deal with Emotions with Out Food

We eat for a lot of different reasons other than for fuel such as celebrations, comfort, and out of boredom. Every once in awhile indulging is ok, but if you feel like it is happening more on a reoccurring basis it is best to analyze your emotions and focus on seeking solutions for those emotions in other ways besides with food. 

We turn to food as a way to calm our feelings of displeasure caused by a situation, a person, or your own behaviors, thoughts, and actions. 
Practice deep breathing. 
Distract yourself. Listen to pleasant music, do a task on your To Do List, write down your feelings in a journal, or go for a walk. 
Don’t resort to eating, nagging, or door slamming. Try to resolve the conflict. 
Ask your self “Why am I angry?” 
State “I know that eating will not help me handle this situation long term. I need to deal with the problem and not cover it up.” 

When you are tired of doing the same thing or you can not think of anything to do it is easy to rummage through the kitchen or cupboards to stay occupied. 
Mix up your daily routine as to not get bored. Drive a different way to work as an alternative of right by McDonalds. Instead of plopping down in front of the TV have an activity planned. 
Take your work outside on a nice day if possible. 
Have a list of things you can do on the fridge so you can just pick one instead of opening the door and grabbing food. 
Pick up a new hobby. 

Feeling sad, hopeless, and/or worthless. Constantly tired, having a hard time concentrating or making decisions. Often times we find comfort from these feelings in the food we eat. If you are lonely sometimes food is looked at as a friend. 
Get a new hair style or pamper yourself with some new makeup. 
Watch your favorite movie or TV show. 
Tell yourself, “I do not find comfort in food.” 
Focus on doing things that you will get satisfaction from other than eating. 
Help someone else with a project. 
Call a friend when feeling lonely. 

 The feeling of dread, fear, or distress over things that exist or things that you image being a threat. Often times people eat in order to avoid a situation that causes anxiety. 
Sit in your favorite spot and focus on relaxing. 
Ask yourself, “What is the worse thing that can happen in this situation?” 
Ask yourself,” What am I truly upset about?” 
State “I know that food will not make this situation go away.” Imagine the situation being resolved.

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