Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Asking For Help

Asking for help is never an easy thing to do...but here it goes.

I know I've got a ton of regular readers and contributors out there, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Now, here's the "problem".

I've been going through a series of events that aren't so pleasant. A near constant health problem has been draining my finances for many months. In 2004, I was laid off by GE Medical Systems because they outsource to India. I lost a nearly $50,000 per year job, now in one that pays less than half that. And there were 9 months in between with little to no income (not for lack of trying, either). Despite my political beliefs as to why some of this happened, I realize it was a series of events, and I must respond. Many of us (myself the poster child) tend to avoid clarity on issues of finances, until it comes up and bites us in the ass. Clarity is powerful--it gives me choices--which lead to results from action--which leads to even more awareness and clarity.

Now, at my current job, we're overstaffed, and I'm not very high in the seniority department yet. The good and the bad of union employment. I also used to write articles for an online business magazine (but they cut back, too) as a freelance writer. I was making some pretty good money, and with good editing I can command a hefty price.

I'm not looking for charity. I'm looking for help to get me started to my goals. I'm looking for ideas. There's several ways--if you're so attracted to "help", for me to acheive some goals:
Heath is number one.
Financing this quest is a part of that.
If you need articles written, e-mail me through my profile. We can discuss fees.
Link to me.
Click on my ads, and consider purchasing an "exclusive ad" from the banner at the top (Ad Brite).
Donate. I'll throw a link up for that (in the meantime, just e-mail me through the profile link)...and with the donations, we're going to be building what I'm calling (for now) "DashPAC" (think of some better names, let me know in the comments), a political action community working on local and national issues that are in the best interests of those who desire fiscal responsibility, fair media, fair trade, fair work rules, and to work against the destructive agendas--as well as "strongly encourage" our Democratic and Independent leaders to take stands and not bow to the political will of the few.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.

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