Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Calling ALL Blogs That I Link To!!!


I am currently rebuilding the template. In order for me to "clean up" my link index, I need to know if you still want a link from me to you. Requirements: Unless through special arrangement, there MUST be a reciprocal link on your blog! (Some "special arrangements" are just me choosing to link to someone).

The Categories are:

Blog$hares Blogs (reserved for Missions and Corporation Members of Progressive Holdings, Inc.)

Political Blogs (I'm sure you can figure that one out)

"Other" Blogs (you'll be listed under a "worthy blogs" section or a "blogs that link here" or a "Blogs that I Like" category.

This is very important! so I am keeping it at the top for now. If you want a part of the new and improved Truth, the comment.

Also--if you're site is non-blog and you believe it deserves inclusion under my "Links" section (which will be the first link section anyone sees on the newly rebuilt TRUTH), then "plead your case". ;-)

Look forward to hearing from you all... (PS: Political is NOT mutually exlusive to Liberal or Progressive, I plan on including links to conservative blogs as well--which might get there own special category, however the same linking rules will definitely apply!!)

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