Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Report says Rove has received Target Letter in Plame Leak Case

It appears that Karl Rove's appearance before the Plame leak investigation grand jury today wasn't "just because". According to a Truthout article, Rove's attorney recently was a recipient of a "target letter" from Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, which means that Rove "may face imminent indictment" by the Grand Jury. From the article:
Should Wednesday's court appearance by Rove provide the grand jury with answers to lingering questions, Rove may not be charged with obstruction of justice, but will likely be indicted for perjury and lying to investigators, sources close to the case said.

For one, according to the sources close to the investigation, the likelihood that Rove will be charged with perjury centers on the fact that Rove has testified at least three times that he first discovered that Plame worked for the CIA after her name was printed in a July 2003 newspaper report by conservative columnist Robert Novak. Evidence has since surfaced that shows Rove spoke to Novak about Plame prior to Novak's published report in which Novak outed the undercover CIA officer.
Looks to me like things may be unraveling a bit more for Rove. The biggest question I have is does this all relate to Bush and Cheney's actions surrounding this case? Will Rove now be fired if indicted? I'm sure it would be a "resignation," but I believe we'll see what kind of fortitude, or lack thereof, this administration posesses.

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