Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Waiting for the next Lusitania?

Does anyone else find it "odd" that the U.S. State Department is so very, very slow in getting Americans out of Lebanon than any other industrialized nation evacuating its citizens?

Granted, we couldn't get people out of New Orleans last year, so why would we expect that the most powerful nation on earth could actually evacuate its citizens from a rapidly deteriorating situation in Lebanon (it's so far away! It's "complicated" ). Or could there possibly be something more sinister at work?

The World War III chorus has begun with Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc. ad nauseum. Bush says Syria needs to get Hezbollah to "stop this shit." Now it is reported that Bush and Blair "explicitly approved" at least a week for Israel to inflict "maximum damage" before we join the world calls for a cease fire. So, what better way to get America involved in World War III (not that we didn't already "start it" with our misguided invasion of Iraq), then to have an event (read: September 11th) to rally support against an all-out invasion of Syria and Iran. The Lusitania was attacked in 1915 by a German U-Boat that fired a torpedo at the ship, bringing great anger and support for our participation in the first World War.

So, here we go with a conspiracy theory...are the neocons hell-bent on implying that the third world war has, in fact, begun, hoping (maybe quietly) that a slow evacuation of American citizens will increase the chance that Hezbollah will attack an evacuating cruise ship, causing massive American casualties? Especially now that Israel has begun a ground incursion into Lebanon and has engaged Hezbollah on the ground...common sense dictates that this will greatly increase the "threat" that Hezbollah will react with a violent lash out on any supporter of Israel.

I'm hoping, of course, the attack does not occur, but as with any actions by this Administration lately, I'm incredibly suspicious of their ultimate goals...

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