Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Welcome Jesus!

Is it the end of the world as described in the Book of Revelation? Apparently, there's a lot of fundamentalists out there who believe the world is approaching that critical point. As a person who's views used to be on the side of the fundamentalist "End Times" group, I can say that there's some trepidation that comes with the current events, but at the same time, I look at these events in the Middle East and realize that this may be nothing more than a human invented course of events that may lead the world to the brink of the Third World War, possibly in the hopes of some involved to bring about Armageddon. And as a Christian, however, I have to say to these end time believers that man cannot bring about the return of Christ, and point out that the book of Revelation warns against the False Church and those that interpret the words of the Book incorrectly...
Here's a story from CNN on the apocalypse:

And here is Stephen Colbert, welcoming the Third World War:

Nothing wrong with a little bit of levity in light of World War III...

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