Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Now This Is "Fitzmas"

Is it Fitmas Day or Fitzmas Eve?

According to a Reuters story, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could ask the Grand Jury to indict as early as today in the CIA Leak Probe. Today there are reports that Cheney told Libby of CIA officer Valerie Plame on June 12, 2003, which possible puts Libby in serious trouble with Fitzgerald--Libby informed the Grand Jury that he learned the identity of Plame through reporters.

I believe that indictments will be handed down this week, which will bring the story to the forefront of the American consciousness. I feel that the indictiments will have farther reaching implications than "just" the outing of a CIA operative. It goes to the heart of the given reasons for the war in Iraq, showing that the Administration actively participated in bringing down critics of their plans, and the "cooking of evidence" to lead the nation into war. Will it answer the question of who knew the evidence was cooked? That I'm not sure of. I doubt it. But it may provide the American people with insight, furthering the doubt that this administration has their best interests in mind.

I hope the indictments come down today, but whatever day they come this week, I believe our country will be changed, and the Bush Administration will be damaged "beyond repair."

Merry Fitzmas, everyone.

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