Friday, October 28, 2005

The 12+ Days of Fitzmas

Looks like the first of "many days of Fitzmas" has finally arrived!
Of course, no one knows for sure! The irony is wonderful: investigating a CIA Leak (and more, apparently), and his Grand Jury has been Leak-Proof.

And as we approach the first day of Fitzmas, the newspapers and other news sources seem to have different sources:
New York Times: Probe likely to be extended...
Washington Post: Probe will end tomorrow...

So which is it? Your guess is as good as mine in this case. So are who will be indicted and when. Sources now believe that will be indicted today, and will "remain under investigation," but not be indicted today. And there's still news that could be under investigation as well in relation to the infamous forged Niger documents, and that he witheld important intel from Congress (not so much a part of the criminal investigation, but witholding from Congress could lead to more "Resolutions of Inquiry" into the intelligence that led us into the Iraq war).

What Can Be Done?

Now that the Special Prosecutor is preparing to deliver a near-fatal blow to the Bush Administration, the Democrats need to get their act together. There is far too much fragmentation in the Democratic Party. Failed policy, lack of solutions, and failure to act in the interest of its core base of supporters are all things that are going to continue the fractures. The Democratic Party must come up with some solutions, or it will unravel like the Republican Party is currently.

I've experienced lack of response from my representative regarding issues brought to her attention. It seems to me as though Democrats are struggling to find common ground and common goals, and are somehow "in fear" over how far they can level their attacks against the current one-party rule of all three branches of government. I'm becoming slightly unhappy. And it fuels my thoughts: It is indeed time for an organized, grassroots, third "Freedom Party" to be formed. One that is based on the goals of the common good and adheres to the ideals that the Founding Fathers put in place for this nation. It's sort of like "getting back to basics." We're all created equal. Isn't it time we're treated that way? Isn't it time that we recognize that other nations go through natural changes and--if allowed--these nations will indeed serve the best interests of the collective consciousness of their citizens? Our arrogant impatience is not serving the "greater good" of man(and woman)kind, it's serving the interests of those that believe they control the strings of financial wealth.

What so many do not understand is that the world is awash in money. It needn't be our experience that "just a few" have control of the majority of financial resources in the world. It may appear that way--but is it really "the truth?"

Let's open this discussion on the following points:
*Freedom is Free
**What should a third party look like?
***Can we exact permanent change to more closely mirror a Democracy instead of Theocracy?
****If we can...what are your opinions? Thoughts? Ideas for change?

Together, we can make a difference:
Let's discuss the Truth and the Future. All opinions welcome. Just follow the guidelines and we'll all be good. I want to hear from all of you. No matter what your background is, whether or not you're a citizen or a resident of the U.S. Sometimes the best insights come from the outside looking in. Let's make history. My intention is to see this as one of the foremost beginnings of a discussion on exacting change.

I look forward to reading your comments...have a fantastic Friday!

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