Sunday, October 30, 2005

"Worse Than Plamegate"

The following is from Lee Rayburn, posted at the Mic 92.1 Prog Blog, and sums up my feelings about the indictment very well:
For the first time in my lifetime, Republicans have gained control of the White House and congress.  For the first time in my lifetime, the White House is defending itself against charges of treason, while the House Majority Leader is defending himself against charges of money laundering and the Senate Majority Leader is facing multiple investigations for insider trading.  When George W. Bush was campaigning for President in 2000, he told supporters at stump speeches that he was going to usher in a new "culture of responsibility" in Washington DC.  Now we can see the fruits of his labor.
I am not cheering and I'm not proud.  This is a sad time for our democracy.  While we're trying to spread it everywhere else, our democracy has been hijacked by this culture of corruption that Republicans have ushered into the nation's capital.  Our politics are polluted.  Our democracy is endangered.  And America's future is at a crossroads.  I doubt indictments will prevent this from happening again.  It's more likely it will only change the faces and figureheads that continue to lie for our vote, cheat for their campaign cash, and steal our tax dollars.
MSNBC's Chris Matthews first coined the phrase "worse than Watergate."  White House Counsel under Richard Nixon, John Dean, wrote in his book Worse than Watergate, "I was initially astonished watching the Bush-Cheney presidency, not certain they realized the very familiar path (at least to me) that they were taking."  My greatest fear is that, 30 years from now, a former Bush administration official will be writing the book Worse than Plamegate or Worse than Treasongate.  If we don't change the people's role in politics and the politician's role in people's lives and the way money rules it all, this cycle of corruption will almost certainly come again.
So no celebrations for me today and no "told you so's".  It's time to come together to create what we all want:  a free and fruitful nation where our leaders are those with the ideas that we admire, those that we look up to, and those that are deserving of our vote and our voice.  Saying "never again" won't make it so.  Thomas Jefferson told us that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  This land is our land, and it's high time we took it back.

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