Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Afghan Christian Miscalculation

The Bush Administration “came out swinging” with angst over the trial of an Afghan who converted from Islam to Christianity, and the conversion was the crime. Now the Afghan court that was to try this man has decided to release the “prisoner” stating he was “unfit to stand trial.” I must admit, of course, I am pleased the man was released. Trying a man for changing faiths is just silly in my opinion, but at the same time is a reminder of the dangerous game we are playing in the Middle East and Islamic faith based countries.

I’m not quite sure I understand why this upset and surprised the Bush Administration. What did they expect? We “freed” Afghanistan, and Afghanistan, in the spirit of “freedom is on the march” has created and ratified a constitutional democracy. However, at the heart of their constitution, the Afghans chose to include Islamic Law as the basis for their democratic constitution…which really makes the country more of a religious democracy than a “true democracy.” So, the United States allowed this to happen, it was our choice to allow them the freedom through liberation, and now the United States must live with its creation. That means that an Afghan can be tried for converting to Christianity (or any other non-Islamic religion), and can be sentenced to death for doing so, based on Islamic Law, which is the basis of their constitution, and was ratified by a majority democratic vote.

“Freedom on the march” doesn’t mean American “values.” The Bush Administration seems to think so, however, while allowing Islamic states to rise in the aftermath of our country’s interference in those nations. Don’t get me wrong, the Taliban did need to go, and Afghanistan was one of the “real” threats regarding the harboring and support of terrorism (just like the United Arab Emirites and Saudi Arabia with whom we’ve chosen to get into bed with instead of confront). However, by ridding Afghanistan of the Taliban and allowing the democratic vote, Afghanistan installed essentially what Osama bin Laden desired all along: an Islamic state. The same is happening in Iraq now, where we’ve furthered the goals of bin Laden and his supporters more than we did in Afghanistan, and once again, we’ll have to live with the consequences. The consequences will be far more severe in Iraq, because they were a secular nation before the U.S. and Britain invaded and toppled the regime. No, it was not the prettiest dictatorship in the world, but it also was not a clear and present danger to the U.S., or anyone else for that matter (with the exception of their own people). But now…now we have given bin Laden what he wanted…an Islamic state that will descend into Civil War and spread the conflict throughout the region.

And with this all happening…the miscalculations of the Bush Administration will shine brighter than the lamp of liberty they believe they’re “installing” around the world (probably with a no-bid contract). Now America is awakening to the disaster that is our foreign policy. No level-headed person can actually believe that what we are doing is right and good for the Middle East, not if they’ve been given the tools of truth. The tools of truth exist, just turn off Fox News, use BBC news, Media Matters, FactCheck.org, and other outlets that aren’t so corporately slaved. And eventually, you’ll find the truth as well. And yes, it may hurt, but only for a little while, because it will foment into pure anger, then action, to gain our nation back through the tools of democracy. Vote for your best interests, not against them, or someday you too might be tried for something that sounds utterly silly and tin-foil-hat-nut-job-ish now.

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