Thursday, March 09, 2006

America is Awakening

The incompetence of the government is not what we want. But yet it is exactly what we continue to focus on. And then we begin to wonder why it is that we receive more of the same (incompetent government). Well, the reason is quite obvious when you really take the time to think about it just for a few minutes. The reason is—What we focus on the most is what shows up, grows, and expands in our life. This means that by focusing on all that is “wrong” with the current Administration, I’m seeing more of the same (wrong). And that is my responsibility, nobody else’s.

I’ve been contributing to the continuation of all that is wrong by my entries in this blog. Do we really need yet another blog to sit and bitch about this and that, over and over, thinking that what is being written is actually going to make a difference? Of course, that is a rhetorical question. We do not need more “bitch blogs”. What we need is the truth. What we need is to understand. What we need is to focus on what we want, and our actions will automatically follow in an appropriate fashion. So, from now on, I’m going to attempt to have all my entries focus on what I want, and what I feel is “just right.” Readers get a different sense of the situation, maybe even reading more and contributing to the ensuing conversation instead of getting angry or upset at the government (or at me if they support the current administration). No minds are changed that way. Not one. At least not changed in the way that contributes to the well being of our society, but would only contribute to the discourse of our society and strengthen that divide that we have all allowed this administration to do so well because of where our focus has been.

I am awakening. Americans are awakening. Awakening to a new sense that we can change the world in this flawed but well-planned republic in which we live. And peoples of other nations and cultures and backgrounds will find the encouragement to focus on what they want, and make the positive changes they desire in their own countries and communities. I mean, really, how well does the arguing and screaming and bitching contribute to another’s desire for democracy in their own country which is still under some sort of totalitarian rule? I think, another rhetorical question that was…

So let’s work on that change together. What do you want to see happen in your community, your country, your state? Taking out all the negativity and the don’t want…simply stating what you want… Share, and together we can strengthen, not weaken, this Republic and this planet. I look forward to your input. Negativity is a don’t want. So I will not see any of that. Your positive input is so greatly appreciated in advance.

I hope you have the day that you woke up and wanted to have!

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