Monday, March 13, 2006

Censure Bush and What We Want

Bush is starting a “PR Offensive” on Iraq, urging ‘patience’ to complete the mission. Does anyone else find it odd that the president of the United States of America actually needs to go on a Public Relations tour to raise support for a war we’re currently engaged in? The last president to try to do that, Richard M. Nixon, eventually realized (after he reportedly snuck out of the White House to watch and speak with demonstrators protesting the war in Vietnam) that the support in America was gone for what we were doing in Vietnam was virtually non-existent. At least Nixon realized that it was time to go, and followed through and completed what he promised. This was a president that had to resign from office, facing certain impeachment and removal from office. Bush, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to get it, figures he is “right” and that “God” is on his side, and therefore, as Commander In Chief, we as Americans must all be “patient” and support his war.

I believe that those who still support the actions in Iraq are misinformed and simply ignorant. Today I learned that only 11% of Americans actually read a newspaper. Well, I’ll be honest, I am one of the 89% of Americans who do not read a newspaper, but I spend time reading news on the Internet every single day, virtually ignoring the “mainstream media” because of their apparent inability to take the president to task on anything he does.

Today, (who happens to be my Senator) D-WI, introduced a motion to Censure the President for the illegal wiretapping of American citizens. This goes virtually unmentioned on the websites of the Mainstream Media, with MSNBC having it as a bottom tag on their front page (I did just notice, however, that it seems to be “moving up” on their list of “In The News”. I support the resolution to Censure Bush. It is an important first step, and every single Democrat should be on board for this. There are even several Republicans in the Senate that I believe should support a move to censure the President. Of course, (D-CT) might as well start putting a “R” behind his name, because he’s more conservative than some Republican senators currently in office.

Now, as I mentioned in a previous post, I believe it is very important to focus on what we do want…focusing on the don’t wants, and all that is wrong, is what brings us more than the same. I believe that the move to censure Bush, and the steadily growing support to at least begin an investigation into possible Impeachment in the House of Representatives, is all a result of more people beginning to focus on what they want: Freedom. Soldiers coming home alive and unharmed. An economy that is truly growing and creating jobs here instead of India or China. A tax cut that would benefit all Americans, and a tax cut that most of us can get through our brains that is not possible during a time of war. Tax cuts should NOT be made permanent in a time of war, but that is a whole other entry.

Since I’ve begun focusing on what it I want and how I feel, it seems that circumstances have begun to shift. Within hours of making that decision, new poll numbers came out showing President Bush at an all-time low approval rating, lower than that of any other president at this point during their second term with the exception of Richard Nixon. Even with Clinton facing impeachment, he had a higher job approval rating than Bush. Then I learn of resolution to start a select committee on determining whether or not impeachment is the course of action the nation should take. Then Sen. Feingold introduces his motion to censure. Frist continues to show himself as the pat boy for the Bush administration that he really is (because he knows only they can protect him from the ongoing SEC investigation). It is all becoming so obvious that I now find it amusing (although somewhat disappointed in the intelligence of our citizenry) that people still support this president and all that he stands for. Let them believe what they believe…

I’m jumping all over on this entry, but it is meant to trigger a conversation. It is meant to serve as a reminder to me as to what it is I desire to focus on, and what I will be looking at for future posts. There’s so many things I could make entries on, I could skip a few days of work and still not post everything I want to.

Oh—and one more thing before I sign off for the day—coming soon: the redesign of The Truth Is Out There. A complete revamping, including a “Sponsors” section featured at the top of the page that will give some of you a great opportunity to get your blog, product, or project out in front of the masses. I’m also open to comments on how to improve the structure and layout of this blog. The future is bright, and the darkness of the last 2 years of Bush’s “reign” is about to lift. Somehow I get the feeling we’re not going to have to wait until 2009 to have a new president…

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