Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cindy Sheehan would weaken US

Bush says Cindy Sheehan would weaken U. S., but she’s only weakening him

In a seemingly typical reaction from the White House, it appears that any differing view from the administration’s is “wrong.” Of course, there are hints, once again, that if you do not support the Iraq war, you’re “with the terrorists,” or not a “patriot.” It is truly beginning to appear that the Fascist State is trying to tighten it’s grip. However, despite president Bush saying Anti-war protesters would weaken the United States, it really does appear that the anti-war movement is only weakening president Bush. It appears his support has eroded so much that he is closer to having a lower approval rating than Richard Nixon. His approval rating when it comes to the handling of Iraq is down to a paltry 34%.

In my view, Iraq is spiraling into a civil war. As soon as the last U.S. boot leaves the ground in Iraq, it’s obvious to me and anyone with a real sense of what is the truth, civil war will begin (if not beforehand). The Iraqi Constitution seems to be an exercise in fantasy for the U.S., and will most likely ending up being a Theocracy like Iran, and I’m not so sure creating another Iran-like government in Iraq will turn out to be a benefit to the U.S. war on terror, or long-term stability in the Middle East.

So who’s weakening who, Mr. President?

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