Thursday, August 25, 2005

Expanding the DOD’s TRICARE Program—A Good Thing

Expanding the DOD’s TRICARE Program—A Good Thing

Hillary Clinton (D-New York) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) have joined forces to expand the Department of Defense’s TRICARE health insurance program for the National Guard and Reserves. Their proposals for the five year expansion are being included (and hopefully not cut) from the budget for the Defense Department. has the “Hillary-Care” story.

This is a development that does effect me personally. Not because I’m a Guardsman or Reservist, and I’m not retired military (although I did serve in the Navy in 1992). It’s because my current job is being employed by one of the fiscal intermediaries for the TRICARE program. I work for WPS Health Insurance here in Madison, WI. I work on the TRICARE contract, currently working with retired military who are eligible for Medicare in the TRICARE for Life program. TRICARE does make a difference for those who have served this nation, many for very long periods of time—and even their entire careers.

To me, this goes right back to showing support for our troops. Little trinkets like yellow stick-on magnet ribbons for the car are (to me) half-hearted adventures in trying to prove one’s self as a patriot or supporter of our troops. True support comes from sending love, sending letters, keeping our leaders accountable for the “noble causes” we’re sending our children to die for—and making sure that we’re taking care of these brave men and women when they return home.

Thank you to Senators Clinton and Graham (wow, those names together in a sentence!) for proposing to take better care of those that give the greatest sacrifices for this nation. Now I ask that we continue to hold the government accountable—it’s time to begin the investigations into why we’re setting up an Islamic Republic in Iraq, where women’s rights (just as one example) will actually take a several decades step backwards under the proposed constitution, and having less rights then they did under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

But back to TRICARE—it does make a difference. No matter the cost, it’s something—one thing—that we all can do by paying taxes—to show we still care.

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