Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Path To Spiritual Democracy Begins With The Children

From Spirituality For Kids
Israeli and Palestinian Children Come Together for PeaceTel Aviv, Israel- History was made and agendas put aside as 230 children (110 Palestinians and 120 Israelis) gathered at Ramat-Gan Safari in the Middle East for the “Kids Creating Peace” Summer Camp in the last week of July, 2005. Together with The Kabbalah Centre Israel, and the Palestinian Abu Assukar Centre for peace and Dialogue, The Spirituality for Kids camp provided the tools that allowed children to learn the value in one another, and throw out centuries of passed down hate. Founded by Karen Berg with the mission to stop chaos in the world through the teaching of the universal spiritual principles of Sharing, Caring, Tolerance, Human Dignity and Proactive Behavior, the “Kids Creating Peace” Summer Camp brought this to light. Spirituality for Kids (SFK) not only lifted the cloud of darkness that political leaders, activists and organizations have tried to remove in countless ways, it replaced it with a rainbow. As an Israeli camper put it, “Just like when you have clouds, rain, and sun all together you get a rainbow, when you put Israelis, Palestinians, and other people together, you get peace.” Just days prior to his attending the camp, this same camper wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Palestinian children. At a time of renewed peace efforts, when all eyes are on the Middle East, Spirituality for Kids created not only an environment and blue-print for change, but set change into motion. Children are the building blocks of our world, and through this four day camp, which was more than just pony rides and lake swims, a place was created where children learned and practiced the universal spiritual laws. Children were taught how to receive by sharing and how to win by overcoming their internal opponent. The impact of Arab and Jewish children learning to share with one another is incalculable. The education of these children with the tools of SFK has changed the course of history in the Middle East , forever. That which was once unimaginable has become reality. As John Lennon imagined peace and Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of unity, Karen Berg envisioned this moment in time. For generations, we have imagined “all the people” and rallied to “have a dream;” now, we have a vision: “One day an Arab mother will feel for a Jewish child and a Jewish mother will feel for an Arab Child,” - Karen Berg, Founder of SFK Among the zebras, rhinos and hippos living in harmony, 230 Israeli and Palestinian children gathered to learn, share, have fun and change the world. As Aseel, a 12 year-old from Jerusalem said: “Before I came to this summer camp, I used to think that all Jewish people were bad, but after I experienced the reality, my view has changed. I saw people who took me in as if I was at home, I saw smiling, sharing and caring people who have changed my thoughts completely. I also made new friends and had fun!” A child's view of life can change in a moment. In that same moment, with the eyes of the world watching, and with our future generations learning how to respect all people, we are showing Presidents, Prime Ministers and World Leaders that a cloud of darkness can become a rainbow right before their eyes. Spirituality for Kids will continue to make history. We welcome your support. http://www.spiritualityforkids.com/updates/08_22_05/history.html

And for more information about Spiritual Democracy, visit the world’s first forum dedicated to it… The Spiritual Democracy Forum co-created at Powerful Intentions.

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