Sunday, November 28, 2004

Accessing Your Abundance

This is not on the "political" side of things, but switching to the powerfully personal side.
If you visit Powerful Intentions, you'll see some information posted about Abundance. I've worked with a great coach, Teresa Romain, who helps people (and has greatly helped me) Access their Abundance which already exists inside all of us. We're all abundant human beings, we're all "Amazing" human beings, and we all should be aware that Abundance is our birthright. I encourage you to take a look at Teresa's Access Abundance Website and jump on back here and tell me what you think. I'd like to open up more great discussions with our readers about abundance, personal development, and--of course--politics.

-Daniel Dashnier


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your post about Abundance!! I checked out Teresa Romain's website, and she seems like a very impressive coach. Did you do personal coaching with her?

Daniel said...

I did do personal coaching with Teresa Romain this summer...well, I suppose it's more like "group coaching" although there was some individualizing to it. I attended her Inside Out Workshop (learn more at Teresa Romain's Access Abundance Services International website. Teresa has taught me that abundance is a birthright, it is something that exists within each and every one of us, and as we "grow up" we accept a lot of conditioning that this world offers. We then begin to judge ourselves and others, our actions and choices, as a result. This cuts us off from our own abundance--we tend to then focus on what we don't want, and start from a place of "scarcity." And what we focus on the most will show up, grow, and expand in our life. So do you want more "lack," or do you want more "abundance?"

I encourage you to check out Teresa Romain's site and all she has to offer. I think you'll be "pleasantly surprised." One of my favorites is in the "Entrepreneur Zone" on her site, and it's called "Jump Start Abundance." It's an e-mail "program" that is super affordable, and arrives with personalized coaching messages from Teresa Romain for several weeks. This is what opened my eyes to a whole new world of abundance. Go for it.

Happy Holidays,

Daniel Dashnier
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