Sunday, November 21, 2004

The New York Times : Bush Says Iran Speeds Output of A-Bomb Fuel

The New York Times is reporting that "Bush Says Iran Speeds Output of A-Bomb Fuel." This appears to be a part of a broader strategy by the Bush Administration to increase America's and the world community's awareness of Iran's possible attempts of building one or more nuclear weapons through Uranium Enrichment, which it agreed to stop in a message to the United Nations and European Union on November 14th, 2004. So, is Iran going to stop? Is this the beginning of the drumbeats of war marching us towards Iran in Invasion Number Three of the Bush Administration? We all need to start looking at this and deciding for ourselves. And when we do, we must make our voices heard, understood, and be gentle about it. We cannot let the world think that we blindly follow leadership without compelling evidence. We MUST NOT be duped again by this Administration and have another America-Dumbing experience on the U.N. Security Council when Colin Powell ruined the country's credability in his address on the Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction (still not found...). You decide. And let me know what you think. Click on the Comment link and let's get a conversation going about the next possible war we may be sending our children to!

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