Monday, November 08, 2004

The Bush Agenda Begins

Well, it seems like the new Bush Agenda for his second unfortunate term is already showing itself. President Bush promised his base a constitutional ban on gay marriage, and news stories floating around today show that he's already considering the "moves" he can make to gaurantee passage. But good luck, Mr. Bush.

With a 55 seat majority, Republicans do not have the votes they need to pass a constitutional amendment. That's good news. Do we really need a constitutional amendment? I hardly think so. 11 states passed gay marriage bans all on their own on November 2nd, 2004--and this issue is best left to the states to determine (isn't that what Reagan's Republican Party was all about? Giving power back to the states?). Most states if given the opportunity to ban gay marriage will do so. I honestly can't think of a single state that wouldn't ban it. There's simply too much disinformation out there. The Gay and Lesbian population is simply to small to overcome a statewide referendum on marriage rights. It is unfortunate, but it is indeed, the truth.

My problem is this: WHY is the government involved in the business of marriage, anyway? Israel doesn't do it. Most of Europe doesn't do it. Most countries do not have a stake in law, they leave it up to their religious institutions. This is where it belongs here in the USA, too.

But, alas, things are the way things are. The Bush Agenda is on the move, and it is time to make sure we do what we can to keep our freedom. Next will be Social Security Privatization. Tax cuts made permanent. USA Patriot Act made permanent (without the needed changes to protect our freedoms). If things keep going the way they are in Iraq, we'll then have the draft return as well. This is not scare tactics, it's exactly what can happen under the Bush Administration. Everything listed (with the exception of the draft) is what Bush wants to do in his second term. It's even been said that he wants to make sure he "hits it hard" in January of 2005, and have as many of the Bush Agenda items completed before mid-term elections in 2006, because he's well aware that if his Agenda is pushed through, Republican Senators and House members will have a very large price to pay at the polls in November of 2006. I don't think America can afford to wait until 2006 to stop the Bush Agenda. Stay alert. Pay Attention. Be Active. Silence leads only to death. Democracy is far too precious to hand it over on a silver, oil-coated platter to George W. Bush and Company. Maybe Eliot Spitzer will investigate them next?

Democrats have values, too. Here's hoping that America Awakens.

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