Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas, Drug Policy, and Allowing

It is finally here. The day before the day before Christmas. Shopping done? Mine isn't. Then again, I onlyhave one thing left to pick up. I'm looking forward to the store shopping experience about as much as I'd look forward to licking razor blades. It isn't that I'm not in the "Christmas Spirit," because I certainly am for the most part. However, this year is different. First, the crowds annoy me. Not so much the crowds as the attitudes of the people in the crowds. So much cyniscism, anger, frustration, and overwhelm. What's happening to people? It truly disturbs me that so many people greet this, the most wonderful time of the year, with anger, frustration, and stress. It doesn't have to be that way, but of course they're missing the whole point of the holiday season. If Charles Dickens' ghosts were real, they would have to to millions of simultaneous presentations to Scrooges around the world tomorrow night. Maybe that's exactly what is needed. We've had a reminder of how precious life is, and I doubt those families will be stressing out over where to get the latest Star Wars game, figuring out Megapixels for a digital camera, or getting the latest J. K. Rowling mass hysteria sellout (a.k.a. Harry Potter), to make sure everything is "just right" for their "perfect Christmas." Instead, they'll be wondering if their son or daughter survived this week's attack on a mess tent by a suicide bomber, and if they'll be ringing in the New Year by making funeral arrangements.

What will it take for the rest of us to wake up? A bomb here in the U.S.? 100s of U.S. Soldiers dead in one day? Thousands? There won't be an impromptu sharing and soccer game between the soldiers and insurgents like that famous Christmas Eve so many years ago during the First World War. I'm doubting the insurgents will want to celebrate an Evil Crusader Holiday, and in turn, I'm doubting our troops will want to play around with the people who are keeping them from coming home any time soon.

Now to a horse of a different color...

Drug Policy in America

We have a very informative discussion in the Spiritual Democracy Forum on Drug Policy. We need people who've had experience with drugs (no judgment, we're not there to judge, but to share and learn, grow, and change public policies and perceptions as needed), treatment of drugs, spiritual use of drugs, and oh-so-much-more. I invite you to join in our Drug Policy Discussion today, with my rather limited knowledge, combined with the intelligence of another participant, which will contribute to the entire Powerful Intentions Community jumping into the conversation. I see the power in this discussion. Come join in.


I've been working on Allowing lately. It stems from what I've learned in the arena of "choosing the thought that feels bettter," from Abraham-Hicks. You can read their quote every day to the right, or by visiting The Powerful Intentions of Daniel Dashnier and looking below "Abraham Quotes." It's updated every day. Join in the discussion, I guarantee you might be able to learn something new.

One more entry before I leave for the Christmas Holiday weekend. Maybe. I might just leave it at this, and let you all play, learn, and grow, and spend some time with your families if that's your thing. Merry Christmas to all, Happy Holidays, or whatever it is we're supposed to say. But, wait, my blog, so Merry Christmas!!


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