Thursday, December 16, 2004

Letting work suck my time away?

Hi all,

Apparently I've been allowing my new job to get in the way of posting to my blog. But that's not entirely true, you see. I've been writing slightly more often in Daniel's Blog at Powerful Intentions. The reason is really quite simple. Over there, I can make some more missive personal posts, and continue in my contribution to the Powerful Intentions Community. In addition, I have been posting about Powerful Intention Blogs of Interest, and will soon be adding them here as well on the right under "Blogs of Interest." Of course, if you're a part of Powerful Intentions, and a friend (request me as a friend at my Intro Page if you haven't done so), I'd be happy to add you to my B of I list here. Just shoot my a message in Powerful Intentions, and give me the URL. I'll then, of course, appreciate some reciprocation to keep my blog in the "Powerful Blogs" at Powerful Intentions. ;-)

I've also been working on developing some mind-stimulating posts in my two forums over at Powerful Intentions. They are The Spiritual Democracy Forum and a forum for Matrix movie fans (and "Matrix Philosophers") called, simply, The Matrix. I haven't been moving forward with the speed and ease I've been desiring (which means I'm not allowing!), because my brain is suffering some "overload" from learning the world of Health Insurance. I'm enjoying it a great deal, and we have a great trainer, who happens to co-own with her husband, the famous Rowe Pottery Works in Cambridge, Wisconsin. She's a great trainer: entertaining, intelligent, certainly not "dry," and has a great sense of humor. I have a feeling I'll be a great employee in no small part due to her! (and I didn't just write that to get more discounts at Rowe Pottery!! :-)

I'd appreciate your comments here (open forum) on what types of stories and items you'd like to see on this blog. Also--visit my Powerful Intentions "Intention Blog" and join in the conversation of Intentions. Visit my friend's blogs as well. You're in for some "powerful" reading!


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