Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Worth us Remembering: December 7th, 1941

The attack came suddenly and with little to now warning.
It was a beautiful morning, sunny, comfortable.
Then the planes came. Death and destruction became the order of the day.

No, this wasn't New York.

This was the "original." This was the attack that sealed America's fate, and sealed the end for Italy, Germany, and most importantly, Japan. This was the day that caused a roundup of people of a certain racial descent right here in the United States, by another Attorney General with a quick reaction to an event of such proportions. Japanese nationals and people of Japanese origin were rounded up quickly. Defense plants across the nation were locked down. Private flights cancelled. "Especially in California, because of their large Japanese population," as the New York Times article from the day after indicates.

63 years ago today, America changed. 2,403 dead. 188 destroyed U.S. military planes. A crippled Pacific Fleet with 8 battleships damaged or destroyed. America attacked, on its own soil, by a foreign government. It is still the worst foreign attack on this nation, since terrorists have no nation to call their own (except Saudi Arabia and Iraq, perhaps?).

While September 11th, 2001 obviously overshadows Pearl Harbor in scope of the loss of life, the shock to this nation, it should also be remembered as a lesson to this great nation of ours. It seems to me we all but forgot the sacrifices made 63 years ago. Sure, we had the movie about Pearl Harbor (whatever one's opinion of it may be). But did we really remember? Will we forget 9/11 in another 30 or 40 years if we have prosperity, only to be surprised again?

I can only hope not.

On a brighter note, I started working again yesterday, after a long journey to find employment. I really appreciate the job I now have, and all that it has to offer. I appreciate WPS, and am proud to be one of the newest members of their family. Working together for the greater good.

My Powerful Intentions blog has some wonderful information worth reading. I hope you'll visit it, participate, comment, and enjoy. There truly is some Powerful Stuff over there!

In Appreciation for our troops,

Daniel Dashnier
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