Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Insurgency Surge?

So, is the Iraqi insurgency experiencing a true surge in activity?

After today's attack on a U. S. base in Mosul, one has to start asking some harsher questions about this war, lest we become apathetic and end up with the oily version of Vietnam.

Many of those killed were from Fort Lewis, which is where all of the poeple I know that are in Iraq currently are based out of. Now that community must stand and wait, just like so many other places across this nation each and every day when a new attack comes over the news wires.

This was on an army base! Base=Secure, right? Apparently, No. Neither does The Green Zone.

Free Iraq? Elections on the 30th of January?

We'll see.

Right now, let's think about how much our gas prices might go down because there's a "free Iraq." Or maybe the families that not only won't have their loved one home for Christmas, but now will have to spend Christmas planning a funeral. Wake up America. Your children are dying.


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