Friday, March 20, 2009

Gangland Shootings at Walmart? (No Its a Hoax, Maybe)

Friday X-File:

There is a suspicious text message going around from an unknown sender to cell phone owners in Dane, Rock, and Dodge counties in southern Wisconsin. The text message says that 3 women will be shot at a Walmart as a gang initiation. The texter does not specify which Walmart it will happen at.

The police have now decided it is (most likely) a hoax.
Of course, there was a similar text message circulated in the past in other parts of the country as well as email chain warnings which were very similar:

"S'port & Bossier police are asking that no women go to walmart tonight. A possible gang initiation, 3 women will be shot. Please send this to all women."
So nice to have a little drama outside of work for a change. Of course its a sick idiot who started the hoax. Idiot being the key word.

Speaking of work drama: Dear God, LOUD TALKER is at it again!
I need it to be 3:30 so I can GO HOME.

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