Monday, March 09, 2009

Wars and Rumors of Wars

North Korea has decided to threaten war (yawn....again?) if the US or Japan chooses to intercept the so-called satellite launch that N. Korea intends to carry out shortly. Of course, the US and others in the region believe the real goal is to test a long range missile "capable of striking Alaska." Of course, I do not take their threat all that seriously. If they chose war, they would be crushed. But Kim Jong Il is nothing more than the boy who called wolf, which makes either the laughing stock of planet earth or the most dangerous man alive.
President Obama stated yesterday that the US is "not winning in Afghanistan." True enough. “There may be some comparable opportunities in Afghanistan and in the Pakistani region,” he said, while cautioning that solutions in Afghanistan will be complicated. And that's probably why we're not winning. "Complicated" solutions just were not Bush's forte. I believe that President Obama's actions so far with increasing troop levels and openly stating that Pakistan must participate is the right start to turn things around so Afghanistan is not a repeat of the Soviet failures for the US.
It appears that violence in the "Mexican Drug Wars" is beginning to spill across the border into the United States, opening a new front in the battles that have already claimed thousands of lives. The Merida Initiative,a security cooperation between the US and Mexico will flood the region with over a billion dollars in aid and training. Where this ends up going I have no idea.

In closing...what wars/rumors of wars do you think loom on the horizon for the citizens of planet earth? Are we headed towards a more dangerous time, reminiscent of the beginning of the 20th Century or are we heading towards the end of mankind (as we know it)? I'm an optimist. I think these "upheavals" are a part of a larger change that will end well for all humankind. Not necessarily a utopia, but a state of affairs where we are determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

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