Monday, March 09, 2009

The Paranormal

A little Monday distraction from politics.

I want to hear Ghost Stories. I'm going to go into more than just politics on this blog, in the spirit of "The Truth Is Out There" (aka The X-Files).

I'm a huge fan of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International, and really enjoy that there is reasonable and understandable explanations for a lot of the activity. For instance, at my home, the basement is a place where I "creep out." I feel very uncomfortable, feel like I'm being watched, and sometimes begin to have trouble breathing. After watching GHI for several episodes, I took a look around at the wiring in our basement. The house I live in is ancient (the basement has not been redone as the rest of the house has), and I'm convinced that there is Electromagnetic interference in the basement. Nothing spiritual or supernatural, just old wiring.

I'm going on some haunting trips this summer in the Midwest (mainly Wisconsin). So let's have some story time...

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