Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Battle of New Orleans Part I

The Battle of New Orleans Part I

The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and the Colossal Failure of FEMA, Homeland Security, and the Bush Administration

A disaster of epic proportions has been followed by a failure of epic ineptitude by this nation. I’ve been seething with anger ever since the hurricane struck, and water levels began to rise in New Orleans. Anger at the silence from the White House, anger at the lack of response of this government to it’s worst national disaster, and anger at the realization that The Department of Homeland Security is not making American safer, and certainly cannot be trusted to be able to adequately respond (or respond at all?) to a serious attack on American soil.

I’ve been noticing how the Mainstream Media has been touting the fact that Bush “cut short his vacation by two days…” to respond to the aftermath of Katrina. Poor guy, had to leave his month-long vacation a couple of days early because an entire city of 500,000 plus people has been rendered uninhabitable in our own country. Why didn’t he cut it off on Monday? Or even Tuesday morning when Brian Williams of NBC first announced a “serious development” on the Today Show as it was noticed that the waters in New Orleans were suddenly beginning to rise, signifying that a levy had failed? Why was he out golfing, lifting up the Medicare Drug plan, and cutting cake for John McCain when the nation’s worst natural disaster was unfolding, just as the scientists and FEMA had been predicting for years? I guess the answer to those questions would be the same as to this:

On September 11th, 2001: Why did Bush go to the classroom anyway after the first tower had been hit? And why, oh why, did he sit there for 7 minutes after Chief of Staff Andrew Card informed him “we are under attack”?

I almost believed the story that he didn’t want to startle the children in that classroom. Now I can only come to the conclusion that this president is incapable of compassion on a level that is needed by the “leader of the free world.” Incapable. Or uncaring. Or on purpose. Not a single sane person that is not brainwashed by FOX News or can’t see past one issue that concerns them can come to any other conclusion than one of those…or have an even more sinister belief of why he did the things he did (or should we say didn’t do?).

More to come on this disaster, the failure of the Bush Administration, and what the terrorists have learned from our nation’s failure…

Please help the people of New Orleans and all areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Visit the Red Cross today ( or call 1-800-HELP-NOW. And don’t forget the ineptitude. It’s time for us to stand up and say “enough is enough.” Don’t let him get away with this again…or we’ll just face more death and destruction right here in America. And sell your SUV. Because if you can afford gas for it right now, you might as well help support us working-class folk. ;-)

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