Tuesday, September 06, 2005

FEMA Fumbles Again: Right City, Wrong State

Well, I'm thankful for CNN covering the stories of the FEMA F--- Ups. Apparently, they flew evacuees to the right city, Charleston, but in the wrong state! 400 miles off. Apparently the people at FEMA are FUMAr some pretty special grass.

I'm saying it right now--not just because of the above story, but because of the beginning of the response (or lack thereof), Michael Brown must resign FEMA immediately (or be fired) (UPDATE: 09/12/2005: Done! Click for more info). Michael Chertoff must resign his post as Director of Homeland Security, and General Myers should retire immediately.

So the president is going to investigate himself? This ought to be interesting...

I've got to sleep sometime soon--so more tomorrow. Thanks for reading, thanks for dropping by, and join in the fight! (Impeach Bush)

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gail said...

You can rest assured that Bush wil not fire incompetents. Afterall, look at who hired them.....