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Fascism, Only Smarter

It's Not Fascism When We Do ItWhat is Neoconservatism? Fascism in disguise?

From Wikipedia:
Foreign Policy

In foreign policy some argue that neoconservatives have a tendency to view the world in 1939 terms, comparing the threat from adversaries as diverse as the Soviet Union, Osama bin Laden (and, more broadly, Islamofascism), and China to the threat then posed by Nazi Germany, while American leaders such as Reagan and Bush stand in for Winston Churchill. There is also a tendency to compare leftists, and others who oppose them to Neville Chamberlain, as appeasers and/or Anti-American. The fullest account of this is Donald and Frederick Kagan's While America Sleeps, the entirety of which is dedicated to these comparisons.
There's a lot in that little blurb about foreign policy, isn't there? The tendency to compare leftists and others who oppose them as appeasers and/or Anti-American. Many liberals have been called "unpatriotic" by the Bush Administration and the Republican Party Talking Points. Right now, in the aftermath of Katrina, the Republican National Committee is sending out it's hacks to the talk shows. They are to view images of the suffering in New Orleans as "hostile" to the Bush Administration. They are to bring up the "blame game," and how they're taking the high road and not engaging in it, but at the same time pointing at Louisiana governor Blanco and NOLA mayor Ray Nagin as being at fault. Of course the "swimming buses" picture is used over and over and over again.

How does Neoconservatism compare to Fascism in the United States?
The following is also from Wikipedia:

Some writers claim that the United States now meets some or all requirements for a Fascist state. Cases have been made both for and against this allegation on all sides of the political spectrum.

Cases made to support the contention that the US is currently Fascist or moving towards fascism include:

  • Reports such as the Bush Administration paying journalists to promote the policies of the Administration. This would lend credence to the allegation that Media is being controlled by the Administration. Also, self-censorship such as the sort practiced in open forums to prevent the spread of viewpoints that oppose the current administration may be considered evidence that the administration need not openly censor, but can rely on supporters to carry out the necessary censorship. (The Armstrong Williams incident)(The Balkans Website incident)
  • The widespread use of religion as a justification for many laws and policies (such as Faith Based Initiatives) and the blocking of certain legislation on religious grounds (such as gay marriage and stem cell research). Also the widespread use of religious rhetoric and symbolism in many speeches and appearances lend credibility to the allegation of religion being intertwined with Government.
  • Fraudulent Elections have been suspected in both of the last presidential elections. There is evidence such as the sworn testimony of Mr. Clint Curtis, and other widespread indications of deceptive election processes in Ohio and other locations, in addition to the conflicts of interest with Secretary of State of Ohio Mr. Blackwell also being the co-chair of the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign in Ohio.

To counter the claim that the United States is becoming fascist, opponents point to the fact that George W. Bush won a majority of the popular and electoral votes in the 2004 U.S. presidential election. However it should be noted that the Electoral Votes are usually based on the popular vote counted from the election. It is further noted that the belief that the US is becoming fascist is fiercely disputed under any administration by all sides of the debate.

This movement is dangerous to the United States. The charectaristics are obvious:

In 1944, John T. Flynn made the case in "As We Go Marching," where he enumerated the stigmata of generic fascism, surveyed the interwar policies of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, and pointed to uncomfortably similar American policies.

For Flynn, the hallmarks of fascism were:
  • 1) unrestrained government;
  • 2) an absolute leader responsible to a single party;
  • 3) a planned economy with nominal private ownership of the means of production;
  • 4) bureaucracy and administrative "law";
  • 5) state control of the financial sector;
  • 6) permanent economic manipulation via deficit spending;
  • 7) militarism, and
  • 8) imperialism (pp. 161-62).
He proceeded to show that all these were alive and well under the wartime New Deal administration (pp. 166-258). Pragmatic American liberalism had produced "a genteel fascism" without the ethnic persecutions and full-scale executive dictatorship seen overseas." - Joseph R. Stromberg, Fascism: Déjà Vu All Over Again

Let's look at parts of the above listings and put them in 2005 terms:

#1 Unrestrained Government
The Bush Administration has been able to garner support for the Iraq War through complete deception (see The Truth is Being Revealed, number 8). Billions of dollars, untold amounts of money given to corporations in no-bid contracts (#s 3, 5, and 6 of the above list).

Hitler used this same tactic to support the expulsion of the Jews, by creating a belief that the German people were "under attack," and thereby paving the way for unrestrained militarism and imperialism.

#4 bureaucracy and administrative "law"

The creation of the Department of Homeland Security created the largest bureaucracy in the history of the United States. That along with the Patriot Act, which has it's own similiarities to the Reichstag Fire Decree and the Enabling Act of the early days of the rise of Nazi Germany.

Why do so many not recognize what is happening? To their credit, the Neocons have been doing an excellent job of spinning, getting their supporters from the early days of the administration to watch "Fair and Balanced" FOX News, thereby creating a propoganda platform for themselves.

However...the truth is making people wary. They're waking up. Looking around. Seeing that all is not what it seems. Poll numbers for the president continue to slide. The Iraq war lies are showing themselves. The neocon's reaction to Hurricane Katrina, horrific as it was, is serving to unravel their carefully planned takeover of America. And now the time has come to take action. The people must stand up and be heard. Dissidence is patriotic. Always has been, always will be. Freedom is free, by it's very nature.

Impeach BushSo now is the time to take action. Bloggers can do so by visiting The Impeach Bush Coalition, of which The Truth Is Out There is a proud coalition member. It is time to Impeach Bush. Together, we can bring the truth to millions. The American people can handle this, it is in our very nature to survive, and it is in our very nature to have the desire to be free, and stay that way. All we need to do is focus on what we do want. Bush is the contrast. Impeachment is an inspired action, and the intention to have Bush removed from office through impeachment grows day by day. Show your support today. Sign the petition. Join the coalition. Tell everyone you know. Let The Truth shine!

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