Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why I Blog for Truth

I was once a Republican. I was a super-conservative (now known as a “neo-conservative”), bordering on being what I now consider to be a Fascist. I believed that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances. I believed that Christianity had the right to bleed itself into the realm of The State, and should dictate the laws that were created. I believed that Carter was weak, Clinton was a threat, and Reagan and Bush Sr. were the greatest gifts to Democracy. Yes, I was a Conservative. So, what changed?

Several years ago, a day changed the course of my entire life. While still living in Wisconsin Rapids,WI (at around age 17 or 18), I had a huge blowout with my family. I was going through a difficult and depressing time in my life regarding things happening to me, and the realizations I was having about myself (that I was “different” from others). It was a classic war between the reality of my life and the beliefs driven into me by the Lutheran Church. Then, my mother decided to drop a bombshell on me—to hopefully get me to understand her thoughts—she told me that when I was young (probably only 3 or so), she had to have an abortion. My blood ran cold. She told me the story, which I will not go into here (because it’s really nobody’s business), and it set me on a course of change. First my views on the legal issue of abortion began to change. They’ve become more “liberal” over the years since the change began, but this was the moment that shifted my world.

From there, along with things about my life I could not change, I started to become progressively more liberal. In 1992, I was still very much a Republican, and I admit I voted for George Herbert Walker Bush. My first presidential election (I was 19), and I voted (what I would learn later) against my own best interests. Thankfully, Bush did not win re-election. With Clinton president, I was able to learn and grow—and realize how my “conservative past” really did not serve me (or anyone else). So the path to being a progressive was born…

Things are so much different for me now. I label myself a Democrat, but I have a sense that even that label will change. I’m more progressive than the Centrists, so even though my democratic leanings were born of being a “Clinton Democrat”, I’m more than that now. I’m progressive—not conservative. That part of me is gone for good. And my life, and that of those around me, is better off for it.

The Truth Is Out There was born of my disdain for the lies being spewed forth by the Right (and even a few “liberals”—in the loosest sense of the term) during the 2004 election cycle. I needed to make a difference. I needed to write about what is true, and what people can do (no matter where they live) to further the cause of Truth and Freedom. Many out there don’t like “political blogs”—they just see it as someone whining about the way they wish things were. My view is that without the bloggers—whether they’re progressive, conservative, or somewhere in between—listing their thoughts in a cohesive manner, there would be less knowledge (and therefore less power) in the general public. With the mainstream media’s propensity to go with the current Administration (without question) so often, or providing only the news stories they feel are “worthy” to the general public; there’s a disconnect in this country (and forming around the world, as I’ve learned through other blogs and stories). Propaganda runs rampant. Yes, on both sides.

I ask that people would consider facts, make their decisions, and go with them. Be informed, and be free. I’m of the opinion that facts are hidden from the general public far too often (especially by this Administration) in an attempt to control freedom. Knowledge is power. Facts=Freedom. Truth=Life.

I love America. I love the principles that it was founded on (read the Constitution). Yes, America made mistakes. The Constitution didn’t free the slaves and didn’t allow women to vote. And what the United States did to Native Americans was reprehensible at the very least. But American can learn from it’s mistakes. If nobody questions what their government is doing, there is no room for learning. There’s only repetition of the darkest days of history, and America becomes the place that the Founding Fathers despised so much—a Monarchy, Dictatorship, or even a Theocracy.

And despite what the Right would have you believe, I support our troops. Completely. That’s why I think they should come home. There’s no “noble cause” in Iraq anymore (and it appears there never really was). Our troops are dying so that others may profit, and that is not supporting our troops. Having “mercenaries” and contractors in there making 50-150 times the amount of money our troops are (while having the troops protect them) is not supporting our troops. Dissent can be the highest form of patriotism. Without dissent, America would not be what it became. With the suppression of dissent (through propaganda) by this Administration, America has become less than what it once was. We can be that bastion of Freedom again.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” ~Jesus Christ

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” ~Aldous Huxley

“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself” ~Thomas Jefferson

Due to the personal nature of this post on sensitive issues such as abortion, any comments posted as “Anonymous” (no matter what they say) will be deleted. Any comments that are a personal attack on myself or my family will be deleted, and I’ll be sure to note your IP Address. I welcome comments, but you need to read this first. If you cannot form a good argument, but can only spew hate and name calling, you cannot comment. Period. That being said, I look forward to your comments…

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