Thursday, September 15, 2005

Michael Brown Blames State

Today in an interview with the New York Times, former FEMA chief Michael Brown blamed the state officials for the botched recovery effort. Claiming he contacted the White House and informed them of the gravity of the situation, and the urgency needed, he did not place any blame on the White House.


First, he blames the state, but in the same interview says he informed and the White House of how bad the situation really was “within hours” of making landfall. Then why did he place zero blame on Chertoff or the White House? If they were indeed informed of the seriousness of the situation, why did the DHS and White House drag their feet when it was their responsibility to begin with? Remember, the president declared a state of emergency for the entire Gulf Coast region, causing the responsibility for rescue and recovery efforts to fall directly on the federal government. This fact cannot be spun, even though they’re trying. It’s fact. . And apparently, the truth makes the far right very uncomfortable lately.

Second, if it was the state’s fault, then why the hell did you resign, Brownie? The big boss had just told you a week before you were doing “a heck of a job.” Maybe you should go back to horses. Seriously. Because what’s coming out of your mouth in this interview is absolute horse shit.

Hope you’re enjoying private life. Stay there. For the sake of our people, please, stay there!

Oh yeah, and this will just add more fuel to the fire of the movement to impeach Bush.

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