Friday, September 30, 2005

Coming Soon and Gas Prices

I'm working on a couple of stories that will be posted soon...

Today I'd just like to take a moment to wish Martian Anthropologist a speedy recovery, and complain about gas prices.
Gas prices are once again going up. They barely moved an inch around here after Rita hit (some went up roughly 5 cents a gallon), but now they're soaring. The reason? Supposedly, it's because people have waited to fill their gas tanks post-Rita, and now must start filling up when all the refineries are not yet back on-line. I suppose that's indeed understandable, but at the same time, it truly appears that there's some price-gouging going on. The higher gas prices have led to a record number of late credit card payments. Having been in "situations" regarding my finances in the past, I can understand this happening. At the same time, however, where's the conservation?

Since fuel prices started to climb, I've been simply mapping out my days to avoid any unnescessary trips. I'll go to work, hit the gas station and post office on the way there, and the grocery store on the way home. Thankfully for me (and I know this isn't the case for everyone), everything I need (just about) is on the way to or from my job. This allows me to conserve whenever possible, and avoid extra trips on the weekends or evenings after I'm already home from work. Just a suggestion, folks...

What I'm working on:
  1. TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY? Based on results from a Pew Research Poll, many are fed up not only with the Republican leadership, but getting irritated with the lack of cohesive policy coming from the Democrats. While an Independent part may be a hard sell because of corportate-controlled MSM, I'm not convinced it would fail. The winds of change may be fast and furious enough to absolutely transform the political nature of this country. And I think it is time for a change. Truth and Accountability. Too much to ask?
  2. ICEBURG, RIGHT AHEAD! I started writing this one before was indicted. Now that he's been indicted, and with 's release from prison and plans to testify before the federal grand jury investigating the scandal, this post will delve deeper into the Titanic the GOP has appeared to become.
  3. Conspiracy Investigations: I'm attempting to investigate a couple of "conspiracy theories" that I've ran across (and one recommended by Chris in the comments section of this post). We'll see what information I'm able to gather. If you have any recommendations, or any information that will help investigate HAARP, please comment. Make sure to leave a contact method (easy to do in the Haloscan comment) so we can discuss if needed.
Lastly, because of high gas prices, high electric bills (it was an awfully hot summer here), I'm running into some financial issues myself. Please consider visiting the sponsors through Crisp Ads or Google Ads. I'd appreciate it. The cash will also go towards the time taken to investigate and keep bringing you the truth. Have a fantastic Friday!

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